Robert Craven

As a CEO, Robert Craven is well-known for being deeply focused on making a difference in the lives of others and for building fast-growing, award-winning, high integrity products, brands & businesses for companies such as MegaFood and Garden of Life. He was voted one of the ‘Top Conscious Business Leaders’ of 2018 by Conscious Company Media. The Nutrition Business Journal awarded him its Business Achievement Award for Management after he successfully led MegaFood’s sale to Pharmavite.

Robert describes himself as a “passionate life-long learner and teacher” who seeks to identify cutting-edge trends and support purpose-driven leaders of high-growth companies through his mentorship, public speaking, and writing.

While Robert is evaluating the next destination on his journey, he has begun work on a book, Change The World CEO!: A Call for a New Brand of Leadership.

You can follow Robert’s journey as he blogs regularly on and shares extensively on Twitter, @RobertUCraven. Connect with Robert on LinkedIn at